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Linen Spray

Linen Spray

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Scentennials Linen & Room Spray is A MUST HAVE for all your linens, laundry basket or just spray around the house. This natural spray has never been used for animal testing. Contains: 95% Demineralized water, 5% fragrance oil and emulsifier. WONDERFUL LONG LASTING SCENT

SPRAY ON LAUNDRY - After removing from dryer or before ironing.

SPRAY ON - Bed Sheets, Pillow Cases, Bath Towels, Draperies, Clothing and more.

ELIMINATE ODORS - Safe around pets and children.

MOOD ENHANCER - Uplift your spirits with this wonderful scent. Can be used as a sleep aid when sprayed on pillow.

RECOMMENDED PLACES TO SPRAY: Exercise rooms, bathrooms, yoga mats, mattresses, sheets, pillows, offices, laundry baskets, sports bags, vehicles.
Made in United States of America

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